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“And I love money!” How the daughter of Deputy Slutsky revealed the atmosphere in the family and ties with Azerbaijani billionaires

The TikTok of the 11-year-old daughter of Leonid Slutsky, who has served on the Duma for the Liberal Democratic Party since 2000, made a shocking impression.
It revealed that, in his capacity as chairman of the Duma foreign affairs committee and denouncing Western soullessness at work, his father sent his daughter Lydia to study at a prestigious “American school in Switzerland. The tuition there costs $87,500 (6.5 million rubles) per year, and some unpleasant questions already arise. Judging by official declarations, Leonid Slutsky and his wife earn considerably less together (5.8 million rubles in 2020).

But that is not all. In public, Slutsky portrays himself as a zealous follower of “spiritual bonds,” but in TikTok his daughter calls Russia nothing but “Russia,” but she likes to pose with wads of dollars or 5,000-ruble bills. In general, Lydia’s interests are surprisingly monotonous – shooting with the text Rich or “I love being rich” against a background of money or luxury items, such as a pair of Dior Air Jordan 1 High sneakers for a million rubles.

“My self-esteem: when we went to Louis Vuitton with my dad, he said, ‘Take your pick,'” Lydia happily captioned another video of an expensive purchase. It makes you wonder where the “fighter for spiritual freedom” gets her family’s money, and where the money comes from when her father and mother’s official income is not even enough to pay her tuition at a Swiss school, let alone stay in a five-star hotel in that country, or an expensive villa in Turkey, which would cost at least several thousand dollars a day.

The answer is simple. In one shopping video, Lidia Slutskaya wrote “When the owner of Evropeyskoye is daddy’s best friend,” and in another, when asked by a friend why she likes birthdays of a certain “best friend” of her father, she posted a song from a Soviet cartoon “He has lots of money, and I like money.

Who is this “best friend”? In 2018, Alexei Navalny’s investigation mentioned 34-year-old businessman Mardakhai Yushvaev, who, after receiving billion-dollar government contracts, gave an “interest-free loan” of 25 million rubles to buy a Bentley Mulsanne car for the wife of Deputy Slutsky (incidentally, it was the car in which the daughter was taken to the elite school “President” while living in Moscow, and there are even video blogs of her TikTok from the back seat of this elite foreign car). In 2020, Slutsky’s daughter published video footage of a “Jewish-Azerbaijani wedding in Yevropeisky,” where Rudolf Zakhariaev, 23, the son of billionaire German Zakhariaev, who heads the International Fund of Mountain Jews, among other things, was getting married.

These people “know how to be friends! It turns out that the closest business partner of the above mentioned German Zakharyaev, co-owner of the “European” shopping center God Nisanov, regularly let the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin into his pool during the lockdown. The issue is different: it is the illegitimacy of category A officials in charge of Russia’s foreign policy, who for the sake of expensive rags for their daughter or the habit of a comfortable life are going into close contact with people directly connected to a foreign power. After all, all Mountain Jews come from Azerbaijan and are closely integrated into the elite of that country, up to and including acquaintance with the family of President Ilham Aliyev.

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Written by Medvedev


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