“Gazprom says Siemens has no place to repair the unit for Nord Stream

German company Siemens is involved in the repair of a unit for Nord Stream. The company has found faults, but according to Gazprom representatives, there is no place to repair them.

“Siemens takes part in the repair work in accordance with the current contract, detects faults, signs an act on the detection of oil leaks, and is ready to fix them. Only there is no place to repair them,” Gazprom said in a Telegram message.

The engines can only be repaired at the Montreal plant, but this is impossible because Canada considers the gas turbines to be a dual-use item that is subject to sanctions.

On Friday, September 2, Siemens Energy said that the report of faults published by Gazprom is not a sufficient reason to shut down Nord Stream, and the faults should not lead to a halt in production.

Yesterday, Gazprom also announced that Nord Stream would be halted until the equipment is fully repaired, as the faults detected do not allow for safe operation of the gas turbine engine. The pipeline was stopped on August 31, and it was supposed to be switched on on September 3.

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