IKEA factory in the Leningrad region resumed its work

IKEA factory

Other Russian factories of the company will resume their work on September 5.

The name and the management of the IKEA factory in Tikhvin, which resumed its work on September 1 as part of the pre-sale preparation of the enterprise, have not changed. The rest of IKEA’s Russian factories will resume work on September 5, Alexander Illarionov, an organizer of the Forest Industries Trade Union, told TASS.

“Tikhvin went out on September 1, Vyatka and Novgorod will go out on the 5th. The 500 remaining employees will work in two shifts: a week they work, a week of downtime. We will ask the employees about their first impressions. The name of the factory has not changed. The director remains the same. He is now also director of the Vyatka plant,” Illarionov said.

According to the union, pre-sale preparation of the enterprise will begin in September, and the deal is planned to be completed before the new year.

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