Ilnaz Galyaviev was found sane and the charges were finalized

More than 600 people recognized as victims
The “Kazan shooter” Ilnaz Galyaviev, accused of the mass shooting
The charges against the shooter Ilz Gaviev, accused of the mass shooting in Gymnasium 175 in Kazan, was found sane. Nine people were killed in the tragedy, most of whom were children, and another 600 people were recognized as victims.
Galyaviev pleaded guilty in full. He was charged with the final version of the charges. The young man faces a reduced sentence.

Earlier, the fact that Galyaviev was found sane
earlier, his lawyer Vladimir Bogdan reported. Now it is known that he was charged in the final version.

We remind that on May 11 Ilnaz Galyaviev opened fire in the school № 175 in Kazan.
The 19-year-old detainee had an officially registered gun. The head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov declared May 12 a day of mourning.

The Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings according to part 2 of article 105 of the Russian Criminal Code (murder of two or more persons). From the materials of the case it follows that the accused committed 17 shots during the attack. Nine people died, seven of them children. Already then it became known about 23 victims. The Soviet District Court of Kazan arrested
the young man for two months. If there are reasons, the criminal case can be reclassified to the article “terrorism. In early July, it became known that Galyaviev’s arrest was extended
for two more months.

Galyaviev, accused of skulking, told about the motives of his crime.
He stated that he went to kill children because of hatred. On October 7 Basmanny court of Moscow extended the arrest of Galyaviev for two more months. He will be kept in the detention center till January 11, 2022.

Earlier, the PMC reported that the Center of Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after A.P. Serbsky admitted that the detainee had been shot dead on May 12 as a day of mourning. P. Serbsky Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry declared Galyaviev insane
at the time of the mass murders. The press service of the Investigative Committee claimed that the psychiatric examination had not yet been completed.

Readovka also conducted an investigation and looked into
Who benefited from the Kazan tragedy, and how enterprising ladies found a way to monetize the situation and began making money off of dead and living children who romanticized the criminal.

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