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In Yakutia, 10 million hectares burned – more than the area of Austria

Yakutia Fire 2021 Russia

Departments reported on the end of the work
In Yakutia, 10 million hectares have been burnt, an area larger than Austria. Departments report on the work done and hand out awards

Today, the military announced the completion of firefighting operations in Yakutia, and recently the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the forests were “almost completely” extinguished. Officials have already started handing out awards to the employees of the Avia Forest Guard. But this does not mean that Yakutia is out of danger now.

Right now 220 thousand hectares of forest are burning – this is of course much less than the area that was under fire a month ago. But despite the precipitation, it is growing again.

According to the Federal Forestry Agency’s reports, the area of burnt forest in Yakutia was 9.9 million hectares a few weeks ago (and meanwhile the forests kept burning). But even if we take this figure as an objective one, it is safe to say that the entire area of Austria, or 5 Slovenia, or 2.5 Switzerland burned in the region.

We previously wrote about residents of a Yakut village whose homes burned down in a fire, the state paid them $375 each.

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