Mishustin allowed to pay pensions in rubles to Russians living abroad

Russians living abroad will be able to receive pensions in rubles to accounts opened in Russia. This is evidenced by the decree of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, published on April 29 on the official portal of legal information.

“[Payments in such a case will be] made by crediting to bank accounts opened by the specified persons or their representatives in credit institutions located in the Russian Federation,” the document says.

It is noted that to do this, Russians need to apply in writing or electronically to the agencies making the payments.

As specified in the government, the transfer of money will begin on the first day of the next month with an additional payment for all the past time, if such an application is received, or if the economic sanctions against Russia are lifted.

Earlier, on April 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that decisions on the indexation of pensions would be taken soon.

Before that, on April 14, presidential aide Maxim Oreshkin said that Russia was preparing an unscheduled indexation of pensions, other social payments and the minimum wage (minimum wage). According to him, the government is already preparing the specific parameters of this increase.

On April 11, the Russian leader instructed to reduce poverty and income inequality in 2022. In addition, the head of state instructed the commission of the State Council of the Russian Federation, together with the government, to prepare a report by July 1 on the stabilization of the socio-economic situation in the regions of the country, having analyzed the problems in these spheres.

Social pensions in Russia were indexed by 8.6% as of April 1. The increase affected 4 million people – recipients of social pensions and state pensions.

April 4, it was reported that citizens older than 80 years old would be charged a fixed payment as part of the insurance pension in double amount and the increment amounted to 6564 rubles in 2022. The same surcharge is due to pensioners who are assigned group I disability. These additional payments are accrued automatically, it is not required to apply specifically for their accrual, “Izvestia” learned.

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