Missing pensioner found dead in Yekaterinburg

She froze to death

Missing in Yekaterinburg 67-year-old Lyubov Syskova was found dead, reports E1.RU. According to preliminary data, the cause of death was hypothermia.

About disappearance of the woman became known on January 15. On that day she went out of the house and her whereabouts were not known. Initially, relatives of the pensioner went in search of her, but later they were joined by volunteers.

“She lives with her husband. The son was at home, the father went for a walk with his grandson, the woman at this time asked to go for a walk in the yard, as usual. The father was supposed to come back in about 15 minutes and pick her up at the same time and go home with her. He came and she was gone,” the searchers said.

As it became known on January 16, the woman froze to death in the gardens. The night before, a woman who resembled Syskova by her description had been called an ambulance in a supermarket.

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