Putin said that the West’s “economic blitzkrieg” did not work

According to Putin, Russia is confidently coping with external pressure and “financial and technological aggression,” including the prompt implementation of protective measures.

The “economic blitzkrieg” tactic, which Western countries tried to implement against Russia, did not work, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with members of the government on economic issues.

Once again I want to emphasize that Russia is confidently coping with external pressure, and in fact, we can say the financial and technological aggression on the part of some countries. The economic blitzkrieg tactic they were counting on did not work, it is already obvious to everyone, and to them too.

He stressed that Russia promptly implemented protective measures, including the launch of support for key industries and systemically important enterprises, as well as small and medium businesses. “They are all aimed at preserving employment and jobs, at providing targeted assistance to our citizens and, above all, to families with children and pensioners,” he explained.

As a result, Russia managed to prevent a sharp decline in the economy and stabilize inflation, the president stressed. “There is every reason to expect that inflation will be about 12% by the end of the year,” Putin added.

The president previously mentioned that the “sanctions” and “economic blitzkrieg” of Western countries had not brought the results they had hoped for.

At the same time, he noted that their actions are still detrimental to the Russian economy, and many risks still remain.

The most correct solution in the current situation Putin called unbureaucratization of the economy: “We understand that we need to put forward additional resources to support individual industries, we understand that in the current situation the most correct solution is unbureaucratization of the economy, the creation of growth conditions for new industries on the basis of newly created supply chains.

In this regard, he noted that he is very much looking forward to the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the emergence of new leaders within Russia.

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