“Sollers will launch a new own car brand in Russia

The strategy of Sollers Auto will be based on “a reasonable balance of integration into the global automotive industry” and technological independence on critical technologies, stressed the head of the group.

The Russian automotive company Sollers Avto will launch a new car brand of its own along with UAZ. This was announced by the general director of the group Nikolai Sobolev, reports a correspondent of RBC.

“We are launching our own brand. Until recently, the only proprietary brand that was in the group’s portfolio was UAZ. We will use and promote the Sollers brand on most new projects,” he said at the Eastern Economic Forum.

Sobolev expressed the hope that in the very near future the company will be able to announce the first projects that will be localized under this brand.

According to him, Sollers Auto intends to develop the strategy “on a reasonable balance of integration into the global automotive industry and the necessary technological independence on critical technologies.

“Sollers Avto combines the Ulyanovsk automotive plant and the industrial site of the Zavolzhsky motor plant and has joint ventures with Ford (Sollers Ford) and Mazda (Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus) in Russia. Sollers Auto also includes a full-cycle engineering center, Sollers Engineering.

In mid-July, the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ announced that in the long term it intends to create a new family of Lada cars with C-Class vehicles.

The C-Class is known as the “lower middle class. C-Class cars, for example, are the Volkswagen Golf, Opel Astra, and Renault Megane.

Sokolov did not disclose the amount of investment, considering it premature, but assured that this amount corresponds to the trends of the global automotive industry. The head of AvtoVAZ also pointed to the company’s goal of deep localization in order to achieve technological sovereignty.

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