The Communists won in Yakutia

Yakutia Communists

This led to a reshuffle of personnel.
The Communists have won in Yakutia. The “culprit” in the failure of the United Russia party will leave his post, but it is not the head of the region.

Even despite the covid,
who decided to go straight to the polls on the last day of voting, the CPRF won in Yakutia. According to 14news, citing a source close to the entourage of the region’s head
As 14news reports, citing a source close to Governor Aisen Nikolayev, there was genuine panic in the government building on election night; Nikolayev himself requested that “something be done about the results, and that the Communists not be allowed to win. However, Nikolai Nikolaev, head of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), failed to do anything, “although he tried.

Afanasy Vladimirov, head of the administration of the head and government of Yakutia, will reportedly leave his post amid the failure of the ruling party.

The election results fully reflect the people’s attitude towards the local authorities, especially Aisen Nikolayev. Nikolaev went around party congresses this summer, completely ignoring the catastrophic fires while the region suffocated and millions of hectares of forest were burned.

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